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Diamonds and Petals is the #1 destination on the web for anything wedding related. We post helpful tips for creating your dream wedding, beautiful photos to inspire your creativity, and thousands of resources that we know will be very helpful to you.

Diamonds and petals has been created with the aim of making every bride’s work a little easier during the happiest time of her life!


It is the best day of our lives. It happens only once in a life time and is never forgotten. It is something those who are not married look forward to, and those who are married consider it as a great memory to be remembered in their elder years. It is the wedding day. The marrying party wants to have a great wedding day and spends months of exhaustive work to prepare for that day. In the end, it only happens once. But we do not want you to spend your precious time preparing for it. Rather, we want you to spend your time enjoying it. We will help you in this area by preparing and making the best wedding ever, leaving no space for your imagination. Our group is comprised of highly professional and experienced people in this field. We’ll make you experience a unique, inspiring, and memorable wedding day. There are lots of things that we will do to make that dream come true.

  • We will create a custom, personalized wedding program according to your wishes and desires. You just tell us what you want and leave it in our hands. Our professionals are experienced in this field and know what it is like to be in this situation. They will assist you and prepare you for the day. They will make the best of it; better than you could ever imagine.
  • We will create the program from the biggest moments of the wedding, to the small but interesting details that follow it. An unplanned wedding day can be a disaster, but a very detailed plan can be also hard to follow. We will make a plan that is easy to follow yet comprises everything that needs to be included in a weeding.
  • We will also plan the seat chart for you so you do not have to deal with any conflict that might occur if the seating is not done in a smart and proper way. Some people can get offended if they are placed in a seat lower or farther from the place where they are supposed to be placed. You do not want that to happen. Our experienced professionals know the traditions and rules by which seating follows and will make impossible of such misplacement to happen.
  • Our services include buying drinks and serving them as well. We offer vines, beers, champagne and even cocktails to make the wedding, not only the best day of your life, but also a great day of guest’s life to be remembered. What’s a wedding without a beer? But we aren’t limited to beers and cocktails, we can also provide you with any product that you request it from us. Just let us know what you want, we will bring it to you.
  • We offer hair and make-up by professional and experienced stylists so the bride can marvelously leave impression when you are in the center of attention. Our stylists create a whole new look for the bride. They give her the perfect and exact cut, color, and shape before the wedding. You do not need to come to us, we will come to you and set everything up so we do not waste your precious time. We can even make the service longer by giving the bride a look that every bride dreams about through all the wedding day.
  • In our team photographers are included as well. Time moves by, but only photograph can stop it. It captures all emotions such as smiles, laugh, love, or even hate. You want to remember this day forever, but as years pass by, the memory roots. This is why photography is recommended and useful in weddings. You will want to have a picture that will show you at your best, we will provide it for you. Our photographers are highly trained to take high quality pictures that will show the best of the wedding, including the bride and husband.
  • What is a bride without a perfect, shinning, and amusing veil. Our designers will make a veil customized for the bride that is going to wear it. It will feature the finest and best flowers, hats, external accessories. Every part of this dress is made of hand by high quality silk, leaves, pearls, and crystals. Our designers make each veil unique so the bride will offer something new to be seen to the public, thus drawing attention. Making the specific length, width, edge and other features of the bridal veil is not a problem for us; it is a piece of cake. We will discuss your requests with you and will provide you with the best veil you could ever dream of.
  • The first thing people will notice about a wedding is the wedding invitation. They are like the first impression actions. We will make them with custom style, elegance, beauty, and frame as desired by you so the guests will feel warmly welcomed to join the wedding day. Our designers are so professional, that the guest will know if the wedding is professional or casual, traditional or trending without even reading a word of it. The design embodied within the invitation will draw a great impression. Each invitation that we made is customized so no two invitations look the same.
  • We will make the simple events that become obvious in such a grand day as wedding day is. Our cookers will make a wonderful meal that will fill the guest’s stomach. The décor will be finely implemented in the place where the wedding is. The ambient on which the wedding will be held will be welcoming to guests and bride with the husband as well, leaving a great day for everyone who participated on it.

Our services are not limited to what we mentioned; they extend to services of your request. The only thing you need to do is to contact us and ask for it. We will use the best of our abilities in order to make the wedding day, the best day of your life.